Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

So yes, we are very tired as we try to figure out life with a newborn. And yes we have made mistakes and done a few funny things out of pure exhaustion. Things like sending thank you cards to people for their birthdays and looking in the garbage for a snack. But a few days ago, the funniest thing came to light.

Jason has been walking around in one of his own flip flops and one of someone else’s. For weeks.

Jason: “Am I hallucinating? Or is my right flip flop really small and narrow?”
The picture doesn’t do the size difference justice. We have no idea who’s flip flop it is. It’s literally two or three sizes smaller but identical. Jason’s foot was hanging off the back. The fact that he didn’t notice for so long (although not entirely out of character for Jason) is just further proof that the life of a new parent is focused on nothing but formula, diapers and burps.
If you’re missing a flip flop or are wearing one really large left flip flop, please contact Jason.

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