Just an Expression

While riding in the car one day, I asked Grady to keep his eyes peeled for a particular store. We spent the next 15 minutes discussing expressions and what it means to “keep your eyes peeled.”

Now every time Grady says something I don’t like, he tries to cover it up with, “It’s just an expression, Mommy.”

Grady: She is stupid.
Me: Grady, what did I tell you about using the word “stupid”?
Grady: It’s just an expression!

Grady: I DID brush my teeth.
Me: I know you’re lying.
Grady: Oh. It was just an expression.

Grady: Leave me alone. You’re not funny.
(I walk away and Grady regrets his statement.)
Grady: Come back, Mommy! It was just an expression!

Now Jason has tried to get in on the cuteness.

Jason: Did you do the laundry? I don’t have any clean underwear.
Me: You’re joking, right?
Jason: What? It’s just an expression.

I have a few expressions for everyone. I’m about to start foaming at the mouth so put a sock in it while I go get three sheets to the wind.

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