It’s a Bird! It’s a Flower! It’s…

We took the kids to a beautiful outdoor cafe for dinner last night. It was like eating in a jungle. We were surrounded by gorgeous plants and trees and butterflies and flowers.

Me: Look! Grady, do you see the parrot over there in that tree?

Grady: Wow! Dad! Look! A parrot!

Jason: That’s not a parrot. It’s a flower. Annie Bea, can you see that flower? See? It’s orange and yellow. Way up there. See it?

Me: No. I’m pretty sure that’s a parrot.

Jason: I think it’s a flower.

Me: I don’t think so.

The waiter comes over to fill our water glasses.

Me: Oh, excuse me. Can you tell us what that gorgeous bird is up there? My husband thinks it’s a flower.

Waiter: That? That’s a nerf football.

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