What About Me?

If Grady is being bad or if he is in trouble for something, it becomes Annie Bea’s absolute mission to call my attention to her own good behavior. And vice versa.

For example:

Me: Grady, stop running with scissors.
Annie Bea: I’m not running with scissors, right mom?

Me: Annie Bea, put your shoes away now.
Grady: I put MY shoes away, right mom?

Me: Grady, if you blow bubbles in your milk one more time I am putting you in time out.
Annie Bea: I’m not going in time out, right mom?

Can you imagine if Jason and I did this to the kids?

Grady: Daddy, stop tickling me!!!
Me: I’m not tickling you, right Grady?

Annie Bea: I said I don’t want to eat that chicken, Mommy!
Jason: I’m not making you eat that chicken, right Annie?

Why do they do this? It’s so annoying. But I feel better after this little rant. Do YOU feel better after this little rant?


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