Dr. Ham Sandwich Levine

As parents of humans, we often take our canine children for granted. The ones who don’t talk back, who don’t ask for anything but the occasional treat, who love us so much that their bodies shake when we walk through the door.

I just want to use this post to thank Hammy for being such a great son.

This dog puts up with everything. And I mean everything. It seems there’s nothing Grady and Annie Bea can do to him that he won’t accept. He’s had crayons stuck in his butt hole. He’s had his ears pulled so hard they almost came off. He’s had his tail brushed with a Barbie comb. He’s been smeared with peanut butter. He’s had toys stolen. He’s been sat on, pushed around and even used as a flotation device in the pool. And with every annoyance that comes his way, he turns the other cheek and shows us all more love.

Love isn’t a big enough word for how we feel about Dr. Ham Sandwich Levine.

You the dawg, Ham. You the dawg.

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