Woman Hips

Last night, while playing a game of Hi-Ho-Cherry-O, Grady scored a major spin that landed 4 cherries in his bucket. (If you don’t know the game, 4 cherries is the most you can get on a single turn. It’s huge.)

To celebrate his luck, Grady stood up and danced like we’ve never seen him dance before.

Jason: Wow, bud. That’s some fancy dancin’.

Grady: Yep. They’re my woman hips.

Grady proceeded to swivel his hips (and ass) from side to side in the most Shakira-way possible. I don’t know where he gets these moves. Oh wait… yes, I do. They’re exact replicas of his father’s moves. Ask anyone who’s ever seen Jason on the dance floor. His hips don’t lie.

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