More Like Nine Lives

Dear Grady and Annie Bea,

Today marks the 9th year that Daddy and I have been married. But to be honest, it feels more like nine lives. Our history goes back so far, it’s hard to remember a time when I was just Nicole and he was just Jason. I guess the point is, we’ve been family for a very long time.

So, I started thinking about your futures and how you might be married to someone for 9 years one day. I hope you take away these things from Mommy and Daddy.

– Learn to take a joke. If you can’t laugh at yourselves, the long and bumpy road of marriage will be more like a cross-country avalanche.

– Spend some money. Material things matter. Not big fancy material things but little things like an US Weekly magazine. When Daddy is at the store and grabs one of those magazines for me, I smile. I know he was thinking about me and what I like. The same way he knows I was thinking about him when I bring home thinly sliced hard salami. Buy things. They matter.

– Talk about it. Even if the talking leads to screaming, at least you’re using words. I mean, obviously try not to scream… but try harder not to not talk. Silent treatments are lame. They don’t work.

Now, while Daddy and I have clearly nailed marital bliss, there are a few (very few) things we don’t do right… mostly on Daddy’s part. Poor guy. He really tries. Anyway, I hope you learn from our mistakes, as well.

Happy Anniversary to us. Team Levine. Nico & Jase. Edith & Morty. Mommy & Daddy.

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