Normal or Not Normal?

Often (yes, often) we will find Grady sleeping with blankets stuffed up his shirt or in his pants. It must make him feel cozy. Or warm. Or full. Or bloated. Or protected from sharp, flying objects in the night.

It’s not normal. But not normal is Grady’s normal. And I love that about him. Like really LOVE.

Grady makes funny faces when he tells stories. He gesticulates with his hands a lot. He laughs (really hard) at his own jokes. He watches Pokemon with a handful of Pokemon cards memorizing stats and details about each character. He always has a bowl of something growing in his bedroom for a science experiment. He has a box of worms in the backyard that he labeled “box of worms in the backyard.” Grady dances funny. Lots of head, hip and shoulder jerking. His drawings are so detailed it takes forever for him to explain what’s happening on the page. In new situations, he’s not like most kids. He doesn’t stand back and wait for the right opportunity to engage. He jumps in and enjoys. With a plate full of mac n cheese, chicken nuggets and broccoli, Grady eats the broccoli first.  And when he sleeps, he stuffs blankets up his shirt or in his pants.
I wouldn’t have Grady any other way. It wouldn’t be normal.

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