Piñata Crisis

We celebrated Annie Bea’s 4th birthday yesterday (a week early) at Chuck E. Cheese. The kids had a really great time. The parents… well, you know… it’s Chuck E. Cheese. You do the math.

Anyway, it’s wonderful to have a package-deal kind of party. You don’t have to do any work. The food, games, entertainment, goody bags – it’s all done for you. So you can imagine my surprise when the party attendant asked me this:

Party Attendant: Ok, I just have to fill the piñata. Do you have the candy or whatever you brought to stuff it?

Me: (blank stare) What? I was supposed to do something? I thought we just show up.

Party Attendant: No. We fill it with tickets but you supply the rest.


So there I was. Scrounging through my purse for piñata stuffers. In combination with a few other moms, we came up with:
– a few pieces of Trident gum
– a couple of emergency tampons
– broken crayons
– a hot wheels car
– Purell
– a Fidget Spinner
– anti-anxiety pills
– broken sunglasses

Anyway, the party was a hit and Annie Bea loved having all of her friends together for some crazy-cheesy-fun!


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