Survival Mode

For the longest time, I swore I wouldn’t let Grady play video games at a young age. Well as it turns out, not only has he been playing video games at a young age, he’s been playing ME at a young age!

I’ve been duped. I thought Grady was watching a show called Minecraft on his Kindle. But then he started talking about Survival Mode and Creative Mode and Adventure Mode and Spectacular Mode (which I googled and is actually Spectator Mode but Spectacular Mode is so much funnier).

Me: You are not in Survival Mode, Grady. The characters on the show are in Survival Mode.
Grady: No, the characters in the game are in Survival Mode which means I am in Survival Mode.
Me: What game?
Grady: Minecraft, Mom! Are you kidding?
Me: Wait, what? Are you playing video games?
Grady: No, I’m playing Minecraft.
Me: Isn’t that a video game?
Grady: No! It’s Minecraft. Come on, Mom.
Me: I’m so confused. What is on your Kindle? Minecraft the show or Minecraft the video game?
Grady: Oh, Mom. This is so embarrassing.
Me: What is embarrassing? Me or the game? Are you playing video games?
Grady: Let’s just take a break, ok?

Oh my God. I’m wandering around the world in Spectacular Mode while my son is slaying dragons in Survival Mode. And the worst part is I don’t even know if they have dragons in Minecraft. What is happening here? Can’t we all just play Monopoly?

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