Take Your Kid to Work Days

Last week I filled my quota for Take Your Kid to Work Days.

Jason and I had a colossal clusterfuck of babysitters canceling, back-up babysitters unavailable, no school days, make-up sports practices, tight deadlines at the office, homework overload and whatever else you can think of that might make parents cringe.

I had to bring the kids to work three out of five days. I was carting carseats, house keys, lunch boxes,  ballet clothes, running sneakers and books and pumpkins (yes, pumpkins – plural) all over Miami. I was scheduling pick-up times with strangers to watch my kids. And I was eating Snickers bars for lunch. (That was the fun part.)

I was literally sitting in a meeting with Annie Bea on my lap and Grady pounding away on my computer, trying look normal and unphased while my colleagues discussed next steps for a client presentation. Then Annie screamed for a RED lollipop (not PURPLE like I gave her because it’s been her favorite freakin’ color since birth but all of a sudden she loves RED) and Grady complained, “This place has terrible WIFI.”

Take Your Kid to Work Day. Check. Check. And check.

P.S. Here is a picture of me searching for someone to take my carseats, find my kids and let me work.


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