The Levines Love Halloween

Top Ten Reasons

10. Halloween is a holiday without formal traditions. No gifts. No cooking. No family drama. No pressure.

9. We all celebrate Halloween. Even Jesus!

8. Halloween is the only day of the year when everyone is expected to act like a kid.

7. Halloween can be a team sport or an individual act of self expression. You could see twelve minions hanging out with a guy dressed like a photo booth. And I have.

6. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Pumpkin beer. Sweaters. Holiday scented candles.

5. Kids get to see how cool their parents really are (or aren’t) on Halloween.

4. Halloween candy smells better than regular-day candy. Stick your head inside a plastic pumpkin and smell for yourself.

3. Neighbors open their doors on Halloween. Imagine that? It’s wonderful.

2. Funny costumes. Haunted houses. People screaming like lunatics. It’s all ridiculous. And we love it.

1. Finally, the number one reason we love Halloween is The Monster Mash. If there’s one song that our family cherishes, it’s The Monster Mash. I wouldn’t be surprised if Annie Bea dances to that song with Jason at her wedding. And I with Grady at his wedding. And both of our kids with their own kids at their weddings. And so on. I mean, come on. It’s a graveyard smash.

It’s Halloween season, people. Let’s get excited!

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