And the Password Is

Identity theft is a growing epidemic in our country. So, Grady and Annie Bea, please read this post carefully.

There are three basic rules to follow when choosing an online password.

Rule #1. Do not pick a word that you use a lot.
Grady, your password should not be butthole.
Annie Bea, your password cannot be fartface. (All one word.)

Rule #2. Never choose the same password as someone you know.
And don’t try mixing your favorite words together. FartHole is the first thing a hacker will try. It’s not funny, guys. I’m serious.

Rule #3. Avoid personal information in your password.
So nothing like “MyDadSleepsInHisUnderwear” or “ICaughtMyMomEatingIceCreamInHerCloset.”

That should do it. Be safe.
Love, Mom

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