The Wynwood Yard

I spent Friday night at The Wynwood Yard in Miami with my friends and my daughter, Annie Bea. Oh, my son? Grady? Yeah, he was there, too. But he didn’t spend much time with us. He was too busy helping the cleaning lady. As she moved around the venue with her broom and dustpan, Grady shuffled alongside her to help gather debris.

Me: Grady, leave her alone. She’s just doing her job.
Grady: But she’s all alone.
Me: It’s ok. She’s working.
Grady: This is too much for her to do by herself. Please just let me help her. It’s not a big deal, Mom.

That’s Grady. His heart is bigger than his body. I love him for that.

Meanwhile, back at the table, Annie Bea asked me to pick all of the sprinkles out of her ice cream because it was too sugary. And that’s Annie Bea. She knows what she wants and she makes sure she gets it. I love her for that.

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