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The kids have been begging to go camping. If you know Jason and I, you know how totally horrible this idea is. Especially in Florida. Something tells me we’d end up pitching our tent on top of a couple of gators.

Anyway, I told the kids we need a lot of supplies (mostly First Aid Kits and SOS flares) if they’re serious about camping. I also explained that it can be expensive so we have to save our money.

Well, guess what I just saw written at the top of Grady’s Santa list? A tent.

So I went on Amazon to find the perfect tent for people who can’t rub two sticks together. I came across the CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent and went straight to the reviews. Here’s the quote that sold me:

“Very easy to set up. I was drunk, barefoot and it was in the middle of the night with only one flashlight the first time I set it up and it only took five mins.  Also, the takedown is extremely easy. With a major hangover, minimal sleep and still no shoes it only took 10 mins to get it back in the bag. Highly recommended for family outings.”
– Thomas Wyatt

Oh, Thomas. I don’t know what I love more about this; how easily the tent assembles for people who are in no condition to be building shelters in the woods at midnight OR the fact that you follow it up with “…highly recommended for family outings.”

Can we go camping with you guys next time you’re in Florida? I think our families might get along.

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