Encore! Encore!

We took the kids to see The Lion King on Broadway. They were blown away. I was blown away just watching them be blown away. It was a major blowout for the entire family.

But a week or so earlier we had taken them to a local performance of Frosty the Snowman on Long Island and I think Grady may have been even more impressed at that show. Why? Costume changes.

Grady: Mom! Do you see that boy? He’s wearing totally different clothes!
Me: Shhh.
Grady: But, mom! How’d he do that?
Me: They have costume changes behind the curtain. Now stop talking and just watch.
Grady: Wow. He changed his pants in like two seconds flat. This is a really good show.

I guess for a kid who requires fifteen warnings and a handful of threats over the course of two hours just to put on his pj’s, this “costume change” concept is truly incredible. He had no idea people could get dressed that fast.

The Tony for Fastest Costume Change by an extra in a Way-the-Hell-Off Broadway performance goes to Billy for “shorts to pants!”

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