Tapping and Coding

On Saturday mornings, when normal people are still tucked in bed nursing their Friday happy hour headaches, millions of parents are schlepping their children around town to karate, piano, soccer, hockey, cooking, robotics, gymnastics, tennis, painting, mind reading, gardening, surfing, skiing, origami, tuba, french, swimming, puppetry, knitting and Civil War reenactment lessons.

For Jason and I, it’s tap dancing and computer coding.

Annie Bea is all about tap. She wakes up on Saturday mornings ready to strut her frilly, pink tutu onto the dance floor and let her feet do the talkin’. This week, the teacher announced that the recital will be held on June 10th – Annie’s birthday. She turned around and gave me a serious game face. I knew exactly what she was thinking. This year’s birthday party theme will be Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Wonder how much a “pair of tap shoes” cake will run me…

Then there’s Grady. He’s taking a computer coding class… sorta. First, he has to complete the basic level for his age group – which happens to include Minecraft 101. Fuckin’ Minecraft. I can’t escape this game. All day Grady walks around talking some ridiculous foreign language. Enderman mobs, creative mode, creepers, survival mode, sustainability and something about the “Nether Region” – which really doesn’t sound appropriate but I’m terrified to ask because I’ll have to listen to a 25 minute explanation filled with words I don’t have the time or energy to google. So, Nether Region it is.

When I picked Grady up from his first class, I overheard this:

Teacher: What do you want to name your Minecraft world?
Grady: Chicken Wing – and they will call me The King of Chicken Wing.

Bawk bawk bawk.

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