Living in Miami can be very challenging for those of us who don’t speak Spanish. For example, I need to register Annie Bea for kindergarten in the fall but I also need to fill out forms to have her transferred to another school outside our zoning. (Long story. Just go with it.) So, I called our “home school” to find out what I need to bring to the office (birth certificate, vaccines, etc.). The secretary answered the phone.

Secretary: Hola.
Me: Hi, my name is Nicole. I’m coming in to register my daughter for kindergarten and apply for a transfer. What kind of paperwork will you need from me?
Secretary: Ok, llaman.


Dial tone.

“Ok, llaman?”


What am I supposed to do with “Ok, llaman?”

I think “llaman” means “call us.” If I’m correct, I’m confused. Didn’t I just do that? DIDN’T I JUST LLAMAN?!

Now what?

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