Malcolm Applegate

A man in England lasted only three years with his nagging wife before he “went out for milk” one day and disappeared for ten years. To remain hidden and safe from the old ball and chain, he lived in the woods and did odd gardening jobs for a charity organization to get by.

Can you imagine how totally horrible life had to be for a man to sit in the woods for ten years just to get some peace and quiet?

I’d like to dedicate this post to my husband, Jason.

No matter how many times I ask you to stop leaving peanut butter on the sponge, no matter how often I remind you to close the shower curtain all the way, no matter how many to-do lists I leave on the white board, you gotta admit… I’m no Mrs. Applegate. I mean, right? Don’t you admit? Huh? Come on. Say it. Right? I’m not like that, right? Jason? Jason? Jason, are you listening? I said I’m not like Mrs. Applegate. Hello? Can you answer me? Hello? I’m not that bad, don’t you agree? Huh?