Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know the OctoMom is that woman who had eight babies at once. But I’d like to present you with a new OctoMom. Me.

Actually, all of us parents are OctoMoms because at any given moment we are all doing at least eight things. Minimum. We’re just a bunch of octopuses swimming through the day in search of a ninth arm.

Ok, so last week Annie Bea’s school had Bike Day. (Never mind the fact that neither of my kids know how to ride a bike yet.) Annie’s class was scheduled for 10 AM and parents were invited to help out. But I had a conference call scheduled for the same exact time. So I activated all of my arms and pulled into the preschool parking lot with my game face on.

There I was…
Arm 1: Listening in on the conference call. (The mute button is a working mom’s best friend.)
Arm 2: Pushing and steering Annie Bea on her bike.
Arm 3: Making small talk with the other moms.
Arm 4: Mentally taking notes from the conference call.
Arm 5: Wiping Annie Bea’s tears away after she fell off her bike.
Arm 6: Chiming in on the conference call with a quick, witty comment. (Then straight back to mute.)
Arm 7: Ordering a new carseat on Amazon.
Arm 8: And dodging 16 four-year-olds on scooters and bikes while holding a hot coffee.

Then I got back in the car, drove off and started my day.
Will the real OctoMom please stand up?

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