Order Up

If there’s one thing my dad and I have in common, it’s that we can’t resist paying for everyone.

I got us another round.
Put your money away.
I already paid.
It’s been taken care of.
You can pay next time.
Let me get this.
I got this.
Don’t worry, it’s on me.

The other day I ran out for coffee during Annie Bea’s ballet lesson and stopped to ask every mom AND the ladies at the front desk if they wanted a coffee, too. I don’t know any of them by name yet (Annie Bea is new to this dance studio) so they looked at me like I was mentally insane. Who buys coffee for a room full of strangers?

My dad.

Seventeen years ago, Jason and I were hit by a car in NYC. My father showed up to the emergency room (first time he met Jason) and waited with us as we had x-rays, CAT scans and doctor visits. When the clock struck 7 AM, I started getting hungry.

Me: Dad, do you think you could go get some food?
Dad: Absolutely! You want an egg sandwich?
Me: Perfect.

Then my dad stood up and addressed the entire St. Vincent’s Hospital emergency room.

Dad: I’m getting breakfast. Anyone want anything?

An hour later my dad shows up with a cardboard box filled with egg sandwiches, bagels, coffee and juice.

Dad: Who had the egg and cheese? Who had the crispy bacon with mayo? Coffee black with two sugars? Here’s your juice. I got orange and apple. What do you prefer? Here are the napkins. Who ordered their eggs scrambled?

Not kidding. He really did that. And I would have done the same thing.

Well, it turns out Grady also has the generous gene because I got his school cafeteria bill and there’s no way he’s eating that many ice creams every week. I can just picture him at the register with the lunch lady. He’s looking back at all of his friends in line…

Grady: Guys, listen up! Who wants a Minion Pop? Two? Three? Ok, four Minion Pops. And can I get a Strawberry Shortcake for the little lady with the bow in her hair? Let’s get a Chipwich for Tommy and a Sno-cone for Bobby. And, you know what? Throw in a couple of Dixie Cups. Chocolate and vanilla. Just in case I run into someone at the lunch table with a sweet tooth. Did I get everyone? Cool. Thanks, dear. And give yourself a tip. Bill it to my mom.

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