The Tent Mahal

A couple of weeks ago we did what some might call “light camping.” It was a campout at Annie Bea’s preschool. We roasted marshmallows, told campfire stories (inside the preschool hall on a nap time rug) and slept in a tent (on giant, comfy air mattresses). The best part was that our house was only minutes away if shit hit the fan in the middle of the night.

But shit never hit the fan. It was a totally uneventful success – a major milestone for the Levines. Granted we had a team of seasoned campers helping us assemble the tent, running extension cords for us and organizing every meal.

Bonus: For the first time ever, we had the biggest house on the block. I was the Queen of Sheba and my tent was the Tent Mahal. Oh, and in the morning they served Frosted Flakes.

Annie Bea’s preschool is getting a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor.

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