I Dropped Him on His Head as a Baby

Ham Sandwich (left) baby Grady (belly) and me (right)

Ten years ago, Jason and I were putting the final touches on our wedding plans (aka, having drinks with friends at a bar in New York City). That’s when we got the news. A young couple named Stevie and Milo had given birth to nine beautiful Cockapoo puppies in Irma, South Carolina. And we had the first pick of the litter!

A week later, we were in Hawaii on our honeymoon. Since we didn’t get email on our phones back then (I sound like a cavewoman) I checked my email in the business center of The Four Seasons on an hourly basis. Very romantic. But I literally could not wait to meet my puppy. When the photos were up, it took no time at all to see which one would become Ham Sandwich Levine.

Hammy was a little darker than the others, a little stockier, a little bigger and he had human eyes. He was the one.

Two months later, we drove down to South Carolina to pick up the Hambone. The second I held him… I dropped him on his head. On a rock. A big rock.

You know that saying, “Did your mother drop you on your head as a baby?” Hammy is the only one I know who can say, “She sure did.”

Hammy is our heart. He never gets mad at us. Cuddling is his signature move. He keeps us aware of all mail deliveries. He swims more than Michael Phelps. And he helps us cut back on calories by eating 40% of the food on our plates when we’re not looking. Ok, 80%.

I never thought I could love any ham as much as I love this one.

Happy 10th Birthday, Ham Sandwich.

I wuv you.

2 thoughts on “I Dropped Him on His Head as a Baby

  1. We have 2 from Acura…our first is Hamilton(2years) aka ham, hammy, hambone! Our second is Oliver(1year) so now they are ham and olives! We too are so in love, best boys ever!

    1. I don’t know how I missed this post from way back in May. I can’t believe you have a HAM from Acura, too. So cute! I love my furry sweet boy. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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