Happy Hustler’s Day

When I was 15-years-old, my father dropped me off for my first day of work at Aunt Emmie’s Ice Cream Shoppe. Before I got out of the car he made one thing clear. I had to hustle.

Dad: Don’t let me catch you sitting around reading a magazine, you hear? If there are no customers, find something to do. Clean the counters. Restock the spoons. I don’t care if you have to make a mess just so you have something to clean. Just work. Every boss loves a hustler.

Years later when I was interviewing for an internship, my father drove me into the city. Same speech.

Dad: You go in there confident and you tell them, “I got this.” Even if you have no idea what they’re talking about, just say “I can do it.” Nothing is so hard you can’t figure it out. Now, get in there and hustle.

My sister heard it, too. But for her it was a little weird. Tiffany was getting her masters in Social Work and as a part of her course load, she had to run a rehab program for ex-convicts. On the day of her interview, she found herself in the passenger’s seat of our dad’s car getting the “hustle talk.”

Dad: When they ask you to tell them a little bit about yourself, you say, “I’m a hard worker. You’ll never see me sitting still. I’m ready to show you what I’ve got and I WILL PRODUCE!”
Tiffany: Dad, I’m going to be working with rapists and murderers. I don’t think they want me to “produce” more of them.

Well, as it turns out, my father got his wish. I am one mofo of a hustler.

My typical day includes:
the gym
hair and wardrobe for my daughter
make the bed
re-make the kids’ beds (can’t help it – OCD)
walk the dog
send emails to the class parents about a fundraiser or something at school
pick up something bizarre, like orange confetti, for one of the teachers
call the roof guy, paint guy, lawn guy, pest guy and pool guy while waiting in line at the drive thru for my coffee
catch up with my BFF on the way to drop Annie Bea off at preschool (BFF doing the same routine as me 1,200 miles away
work (while managing texts from the babysitter and return calls from the roof guy, paint guy, lawn guy, pest guy and pool guy)
swing by a happy hour for a friend’s birthday
go food shopping
go home and make dinner
clean the kitchen
study with Grady for a spelling test
pick leaves out of the dog’s hair
practice letter sounds with Annie Bea
play charades or chess or memory or princesses or all of the above
put the kids in bed
put the kids back in bed
put the kids back in bed
put the kids back in bed
write some blog posts
pay some bills
put the kids back in bed
and collapse on the couch next to Jason who immediately has to get up and put the kids back in bed.

Happy Hustler’s Day to all the moms who never dillydally, lollygag or waste any time.
You make my dad very proud.

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