Fact or Fiction

I started a new bedtime ritual with the kids. Before we read books, we play Fact or Fiction. Here’s a recap from tonight’s session while lying in bed with my sweet Annie Bea.

Me: Fact or Fiction. When I was a little girl, I had a birthday party at McDonald’s.
Annie Bea: Wait, which one is true?
Me: Fact is true. Fiction is false.
Annie Bea: Ok, fiction.
Me: No, that’s a fact. I did have a birthday party at McDonald’s.
Annie Bea: Ok, mommy. It’s my turn!

She thinks for a minute while staring at me with a strange smirk. It’s like she’s contemplating whether or not this is a good idea. Then she goes for it.

Annie Bea: Fact or Fiction. I drew a princess castle with my markers on the floor in the toy room.

She covers her mouth and waits for my answer. I can feel the blood boiling. I don’t want to say fact. I will not say fact. This cannot be a fact. I stare at her like I mean business. She seems nervous but she’s smiling a little which makes me feel better.

She giggles. Ok, phew. It’s just a trick. She didn’t draw with markers all over the toy room floor. That’s silly. I can relax now.

Me: Fiction!
Annie Bea: Yes, fiction! I drew it on the floor in MY room!

I’d rather not recount the rest of the evening but it didn’t go well. And that’s a fact.


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  1. I wish there were a ‘like’ button so I could quickly add my nod of approval for the hilarity you chose to share without the big to-do, but alas there is not. I have added this comment here to say.. “like”. That was super dooper funny.

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