My Type

I never thought I had a “type” but after seven years of dating and a decade of marriage, I think it’s safe to say Jason is my type.

What type is that?

Jason is the type of guy who doesn’t think twice when you ask him to leave his comfy chair to get you another glass of wine or your charger or the remote (which is technically closer to you).

He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t care about gossip.

Jason is the first guy on the dance floor. He’s also the first guy to slip out of the bar so he can head home to bed.

He’s unexpected. He’s carefree. And he’s always, always, always lost.

Jason is the type of guy who lies in bed with his kids for hours making up stories and testing out new finger-puppet shadows.

He eats bad food. He has a lot of car accidents. And he makes me the best cards.

Jason loves big. Really, really big. And he loves me most.

As guys go, he’s just my type.

Love you, Jason. (Most of the time.)