Dear Grady

It’s Thursday, June 7th, 2018, your last day of first grade. As I look back on the past school year, I’d like to point out some of your greatest accomplishments.

Charity. You organized your very own philanthropy. Day in and day out, you donated hundreds of my dollars to “First Graders without Creamsicles.” I hope your friends appreciate all the ice cream you bought for them in the cafeteria and that one day they pay it forward… to me.

Run Club. You stuck to your goals and earned every mile… in Crocs. I guess we should just be happy that you opted for a closed-toe shoe rather than following in your father’s flip flops.


Reading, Writing & Spelling. You worked hard, made the Honor Roll and earned so many A’s this year. However, your lowercase b’s still need a little work. (See #2 on the spelling test.)

You continue to be the kindest boy I’ve ever met. You are bright, honest and full of interesting facts. You dance like Daddy. You sleep like Mommy. And you dive like you’re jumping out of an airplane. It’s ok. We’ll work on that.

Second grade, here you come.
Love, Mommy