An Open Letter to Myself

(Best gift from my best bud, Lauren.)

I’ve always hated the phrase “over the hill.” Even as a child, I remember reading those bad-joke greeting cards and seeing people open gag gifts filled with adult diapers and denture cream and thinking to myself, “Why is this funny?”

Last week I turned 40 and I’m thrilled to say that no one gave me a card or gift that insulted my age. On the contrary, every message I got, every box I opened, every card I read was fun, thoughtful, exciting and filled with love. Thank you for that, everyone.

I’ve been extremely blessed with friends and family. I owe a lot of wonderful things in my life to a lot of wonderful people. But there’s one person I always skip when I do my round of thank yous. Me.

So this is my open letter of thanks to myself.

Dear Skin, Heart, Hair, Fingers, Knees, Brain, Lungs, Muscles, Teeth, Ribs, Eyes, Ears, Feet, Mind, Butt, and Belly, (if I forgot someone, please forward),

I want to say thank you.

Thank you for everything. The ideas, the strength, the courage and even the fears. Thank you for the adventures and the sense of humor and the daydreams. Thank you for taking me around the world and making it possible for me to meet so many incredible people. Thank you for loving and giving and juggling and hugging.

Thank you for making my children and for staying strong through their births. They gave us hell. I mean, am I right, Vagina, or am I right? But we survived. Respect.

Hair, I hope you’ll forgive me for the perm back in 1988. It was bad. I can see that now.

Muscles, I know we lose touch sometimes but you always find a way back to me.

Mind, we’ve had some doozies but we’re good. And even when we’re not good… we’re still good.

And Left Knee. Dude, I’m so sorry about that drunk summer night in 1996. You’ve been a trooper. For reals.

I love you, guys. I wouldn’t be here without you. Like, literally.

XOXO Me (You)