The Diary of Revenge

Grady loves to read. He loves science. He likes to test out experiments and learn about new species and plant gardens and solve puzzles and catch fish. He wants to love sports and wrestle and other things that most “manly men” loved as a kid but at the end of the day, he’s happy with a magnifying glass and a bookmark.

His latest passion is reading the entire series of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He can’t get enough of Greg and his BFF, Rowly.

So, when my mother discovered a blank journal where Grady could record his own thoughts and stories, he was literally blown the F away. He hasn’t stopped writing since he got the diary – excuse me, I mean “journal.”

Problem is, he doesn’t want anyone to know what he is writing. But, he has so many things to say that he doesn’t know how to spell. And screwing up is not an option. (He can thank my side of the family for that.) So, he is constantly asking us how to spell the things he is writing about. It’s very unsettling.

Grady: Mom, how do you spell EMBARRASSING?
Me: E M B A R R A S S I N G
Grady: Ok, thanks. And how do you spell SISTER?
Me: S I S T E R
Grady: Thanks. Ok, one more, Mom. How do you spell REVENGE?
Me: Give me that diary and go to your room.

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