Top 10 in Europe

Top Ten Noteworthy Things that Happened on Our European Cruise

10. I asked the cruise guide if Malta was in Italy or Greece. He asked if I was talking about Malta the country. Oh.

9. Jason bought white shorts and wore them to the black-sand beach in Santorini.

8. Annie Bea saw her first male stripper show. (The cruise called it “acrobatic performers.” That’s one way to put it.)

7. I washed 24 pairs of underwear (by hand) 16 times.

6. We played donkey-poop-dodge in Santorini and no one stepped in it. Great success!

5. All-you-can-drink package? I drank it all.

4. My son developed an obsession with chocolate ganache cake.

3. My daughter developed an obsession with Italian men.

2. I lost Grady and found him at the pool bar asking the bartender, “So, whadda ya got for an 8-year-old?”

1. Annie Bea discovered “shrimp cottontail.”