The Change Maker

Recently, my coworkers (actually they’re more like friends, but coworkers sounds way more official) nominated me to be one of our company’s Working Moms of the Year. There were three categories; Rising Star, Woman of Achievement and Change Maker. I was nominated for Change Maker and I have this to say about that.

ATTENTION ALL WORKING MOMS (and dads, for that matter):

Is “Change Maker” not the most perfect description for our daily existence or what? We are literally changing ourselves, our schedules, our minds and our pace every minute of every day.

I wake up and change the sheets because someone peed in the bed.

In the car, I change the song on the radio to make sure everyone has had an equal say in what we listen to.

I change the lightbulb in the fish tank constantly because no one heard me yesterday or the day before or the day before that when I said to turn it off in the morning because it burns out quickly.

I plan oodles of excursions and vacations so my kids can experience a change of scenery.

We have 12 remote controls in our house and one is always dead. I change the batteries.

I change the subject when Grady tells a woman at the supermarket, “My mom’s getting snacks for her adult movie night.”

I change seats at the restaurant until everyone is happy with their designated spot at the table.

I change my phone to vibrate when Annie Bea tries to Facetime me during a meeting to show me the giant poop she just made in the potty.

I can change my tone from happy to angry to serious to silly in the blink of an eye.

And if there’s an emergency at school or a child with a fever or it starts raining 20 minutes before a pool party, I can change our plans on a dime.

Yep, us parents are definitely Change Makers. And even though a lot of these changes drive us to drink, we love what we do. We wouldn’t change it for the world.

P.S. Happy #changemakermonday to every Working Mom and Dad out there. That includes the stay-at-home ones – because let’s be honest, I’ve been there and I know you’re busting your asses. That’s why I made the change and went back to work. 😉