Nice Buns

Some little girls were blessed with long, thick, full heads of hair. That means they have nice buns. It also means they don’t share any genes with me.

The 5th Pain of Christmas is trying to get my daughter’s hair into a bun for The Nutcracker. 

Annie Bea has fine blonde hair like me. It’s super cute when it’s down and lose and tucked behind her ear. But when you slick it up with gel and try to turn it into a bun, it looks more like a mini marshmallow being brutally stabbed by a thousand bobby pins. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “Silly, Nicole! Just buy one of those sponge things that you put on top of her head and wrap the hair around. It makes it look perfect.” To you I say, “HA! Wrong. She doesn’t have enough hair to cover the sponge. Instead she looks like she’s walking the green mile.”

Happy Nutcrackering to all the little ballerinas out there. May your cheeks be rosy and your buns be full.

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