Smile, It’s Christmas!

Grady was born in 2010. That means I’ve been concepting, writing, designing and addressing Christmas cards for 8 years now. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest pains in the ass that comes with the holiday season.

You need a theme. You need a wardrobe. You need politically correct phrases that evoke good cheer and razor-sharp wit. You need the address of every person you’ve ever met. And let’s not forget the stamps. (They cost 50 cents now, by the way. Is that bullshit or what?) But most importantly, you need killer bribes to get the kids to cooperate. Because without an exciting toy or a big hunk of chocolate or the promise of a new puppy, you can kiss your happy, smiley, winter wonderland family photo goodbye. B R I B E S. Get ’em.

Last year I had a friend do a mini photoshoot for my kids. I was hoping to get something funky and cool for the Christmas card. Here’s what I got: 

This year, I’m blogging our Christmas card. Here you go:

Dear Friends and Family,
2018 was a year filled with record-breaking achievements for our family. Grady spent 1 million hours playing Minecraft. Annie Bea bumped her head on every object in every room of our house. I planted and killed 3 gardens. Jason drank 912 Diet Mountain Dews. And Hammy developed a terrible fear of thunderstorms causing him to do over $1,000 of damage in our house. 

With Love and Joy,
The Levines

P.S. Since every good Christmas card needs an incredible photo (and because it’s Throwback Thursday) I’m sharing one of my all-time favorites from the summer of 2013. 

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