If you grew up in the 70’s or 80’s, the mailman held the key to your Santa Wish List. It weighed 20 pounds, gave you 1,000 paper cuts and contained everything your little heart desired. I’m talking about the Toys”R”Us Christmas Catalog.

I remember carefully scouring page after page for the perfect toys to put on my list. Cabbage Patch Dolls, GloWorms, Monchhichis, Easy Bake Ovens, Skip-Its, Puffalumps, Rainbow Brite dolls, Transformers, Pillow People, Popples, Mr. Potato Head, Atari, Slip n’ Slides, Pogosticks, boomboxes, Hungry Hippos. They were all there in the palm of my hand.

But my kids? They don’t have a Toys”R”Us catalog to flip through. They don’t even have TV commercials with catchy jingles to mimic. They have Youtube videos of strangers playing with things they want. And there are billions of those videos. So if they see something they like and don’t write it down immediately, you end up with a Santa list that sounds like this:

Dear Santa,
I’d love one of those killer croc things with the sewer smasher. The one where that kid laughed really hard because his little sister walked in and tripped on his drum stick. Also, can I have a jumper? You know. That jumper thingy in the video with the mom and son and the big, messy dog? A blue one, please.
Love Grady

Try Googling killer croc, sewer smash, drum stick, jumper thingy, blue. That’s what Grady’s getting for Christmas this year.

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