It’s a miracle anyone has ever learned to read the English language.

Annie Bea: I know how to spell tough. T U F F. Right?

Me: Well, phonetically you are correct. But tough is actually spelled T O U G H. Sometimes GH sounds like F.

Annie Bea: What?

Me: Words like tough, rough and enough end in gh. The GH makes the F sound.

Annie Bea: What?

Wait till I tell her that GH also sounds like G in G H O S T or OO in T H R O U G H. And then there’s PH which sounds like F in P H A R M A C Y and TH which sounds like T in T H Y M E. Oh, and the C and Ss in N E C E S S A R Y both sound like S for some strange reason. And the list goes on.

Whoever invented English clearly didn’t have to teach it to anyone else. Must have been nise. I mean, N I C E.

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