Mosquitos Love Me

I spent all day assembling a swing for Grady and Annie Bea. All that was left to do was put the stakes in the ground. The finishing touches. Only problem? It had just turned 5 PM. That’s when the mosquitos come out in our backyard. Feeding time. And I’m their meal of choice.

Because I’m a good mom (and I have OCD about finishing things), I pushed through and hammered away with my rubber mallet.

The mosquitos went to town on me. I’m talking 15 bites on my left leg, 23 bites on my right leg, 18 on my arms and 1 on my left nipple. My nipple? I mean, come on.

Statistics say there’s a 1 in 65 trillion chance you’ll get a mosquito bite on your nipple. Lucky me.

Speaking of luck, 11 years ago I was the luckiest lady on earth because I got to marry my best friend for life. Jason, Happy Anniversary. Please look away as I scratch my boob all throughout our dinner tonight.

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