Your Age Plus 1

Experts say we can only expect our children to pay attention for this many minutes: age + 1 minute.

So Annie Bea can theoretically pay attention for 6 minutes and Grady can pay attention for 9 minutes. I’ve yet to see this happen but it’s a nice thought.

The bigger question is, does this apply to adults? Because since I had kids, I haven’t been able to pay attention to any single thing for more than 2 to 3 minutes at a time.

According to the math, I should be able to focus for 41 minutes without getting distracted. PPPTCHA! Do you know how many things I can think about in 41 minutes? Let me tell you…

dentist visits, haircuts, constipation, 401K, summer schedules, permission slips, teach Annie Bea how to ride a bike, measles, lice, snacks, picture day, date night, does my kid have friends or a runny nose, screen time, SPF, retirement, weight loss, oil change, arthritis, happy hour, did I pay the pool guy, change the water filter cartridge, book flights, class mom, clean the microwave, is the pool locked, science fair, recycling day, cut Grady’s nails, donate clothes, gym class, bug spray, melatonin, botox, parental control settings, pest control guy, camping trip, lightbulbs, ballet, bullying, neck pain, taxes, college payments, work trip, plan birthday parties, charge phone, eat more kale, find a babysitter, feed the dog, mold, the mueller report

… to name a few.

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