Conversations with Kids

Me: Do you think you’ll have kids when you grow up?
Grady: Definitely. And we’re going to live next door to you and dad.
Me: That’s great! Do you want to have girls or boys?
Grady: I’m going to have a son and his name is going to be Bruce Willis.

Grady (watching a girl on TV eat a giant plate of spaghetti and meatballs): Wow, that’s a lot of emotional eating.

Annie Bea (referencing her and I both being born the same month): June girls are business.

Grady (watching Jim Carey get tongue tied talking to Cameron Diaz in The Mask): Oh man! He just embarrassed himself in front of a popular woman!

Grady: I love hanging out with James. But he’s so gullible.

Annie Bea: When you go to heaven, do you just disappear or do you take an airplane?

Grady (pretending to be a cop while drinking hot chocolate like it’s coffee): I caught a whole gang yesterday. Took me forever to get them in jail. And oh great, here comes their lawyer.

Grady: What’s womb temperature?

Me: What do you want for a snack?
Annie Bea: Chips and rockamole, please.

Grady (playing charades and the word he has to act out is “mad”): Since I’m cranky, I was able to pull it off.

Annie Bea: That’s not true! That’s the lie of a tiger!

Grady: Moooooooooooom! Annie won’t get out of my room. She’s touching all of my merchandise.

Annie Bea: You’re a real grump.
Grady: Hey, now. Watch your tongue.

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