A friend sent me an article the other day with this title: According to Science, Husbands Stress Their Wives Twice as Much as Their Kids Do

Well, DUH!

Is this really something we needed a scientific study to determine?

I imagine the researchers notes looked a little like this.

Daughter shows the family a dance she learned at camp to the song, “You’re the One that I Want” from the Grease soundtrack. Hours later, Dad is watching Grease with 6-year-old daughter. Mom screams as she walks in to the scene where Danny is copping a feel on Sandy in the back of his car.

Dad makes dinner and leaves four inches of grease on kitchen counters.

Dad thinks it’s a good idea to drag race shopping carts at the supermarket.

Mom asks Dad to change the sheets on the bed. Mom finds king-sized sheets on daughter’s twin bed and twin-sized sheets draped over the top third of her king-sized mattress.

Dad tickles children uncontrollably seconds before bedtime. Daughter pees in pants.

Mom finds 12 opened Diet Cokes in the refrigerator. Dad says he’s going to drink them but never does. Son spills all of them on the kitchen floor as he tries to maneuver around them to reach the milk.

And so on.

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