The Laugh and Cry Gene

I have very strong laugh and cry genes.

If something is funny, I will almost definitely wet my pants. And I won’t stop laughing until everyone agrees I’ve taken it too far. I’m guaranteed to be the first one laughing and the last one to stop.

On the other hand, if something is even a little bit sad, I’m crying for hours. It’s very hard for me to stop once I start. Unless something funny happens… then BAM, I’m laughing again.

Annie Bea seems to have inherited the laugh and cry gene. She can turn on the hysteria (in either direction) at a moment’s notice.

After dinner, I told Annie Bea she couldn’t have any sweets because her diet has gone so off the rails this summer. It’s time to eat healthier. The bad news launched her into a massive cry-a-thon. Then the dog farted and she switched to laughter just like that.

The end.