The Real Goodie Bag

Annie Bea is into cooking and baking these days. So for her birthday party last month, I planned a cooking party at this great culinary school in Miami.

She loved it.

The kids were all covered in flour and tomato sauce. They wore chef hats. They rolled pizza dough. They sprinkled cheese. They decorated cupcakes. And they ate lots of sugar.

Finally, when the party was over, I handed out what I thought was a pretty awesome goodie bag. Instead of giving out bubbles and candy, I bought each kid a unicorn-themed cookbook full of recipes for kids to make at home. (Great idea, right? Ten points for me!)

Well, as one of the moms flipped through the pages (which I never actually did) she made an interesting discovery.

Mom: All of these recipes involve alcohol.



Let me see that.

Sure enough. There they were. A ton of alcoholic recipes for my 6-year-old daughter and all of her friends.

Who wants to come to Annie’s house next weekend for a Boozy Brunch? I’ve got an entire chapter’s worth of recipe ideas.