Remembering My Blog

In the past five months, I’ve done a lot. One thing I haven’t done is write in my blog.

Why? Well to be honest, it started to become like a chore. I was too worried about social media and likes and followers and what was trending to remember what I loved most about my blog in the first place.

From the day Grady was born, June 15, 2010, The Grady Train has been a place for me to share stories of parenthood and childhood and lifehood on my own terms. It’s the one place where I can write in my own voice and no one can tell me I’m wrong. Because The Grady Train is mine. Ours. It’s our family’s stories. And I love them so super much.

So, today’s lesson for Grady and Annie Bea comes straight from experience.

When it comes to work, people say you should love what you do and do what you love. And yes, I agree. You should never trap yourself in a job you find absolutely no joy in. However, no job is perfect. You’ll never love your job unconditionally. What you will love is a hobby. A passion. A way to express yourself and enjoy yourself. Something without rules or restrictions that lets you be yourself and have FUN.

It’s important.

Find something that lets you have fun and let it be just that. Fun. And practice it. Have as much fun as humanly possible. Because the more fun you have, the more fun you are.

Here’s to a bunch of fun blog posts in the future.


1 thought on “Remembering My Blog

  1. Miss seeing your stories. They were something that would lift me if I was in a bad mood or just bored.
    Thanks so much for all the laughs, loves and your adorable kids.
    Love and hugs
    Aunt Joan

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