2019. The Best Worst Year Ever.

Last year was a tough one for our family. I mean, I don’t think the kids noticed (which is the way it should be) but Jason and I definitely struggled a bit in 2019. There was never enough time, never enough money, never enough help, never enough breathing room and never ever enough prosecco. We said too many difficult goodbyes to people we love. We felt too much distance between our home in Miami and our home base in New York. And we got way too many red light camera tickets.

But as I welcome 2020 with wide open arms, I want to let 2019 know that although we didn’t get along, I do recognize that it could have been worse.

We left 2019 with our health, our marriage, our home, our Ham Sandwich, our memories from vacation, our really fucking amazing friends and one of those cool Polaroid cameras.

So, we cool, 2019. We cool. But you stay back there. We’re moving on.

5 thoughts on “2019. The Best Worst Year Ever.

  1. Here’s to a smoother 2020……with plenty of Prosecco on hold in case needed! 🍷

  2. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year’s with smoother sailings and lots of good times and love. Hugs and love out to you all❤️

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