I Am Voting for Love

As a Democrat, I’ve never questioned how someone could vote Republican. It’s never crossed my mind that anyone should see the world exactly the way I see it. In fact, on most issues, I can put myself in the other person’s shoes and find a way to see things from their point of view—regardless of whether or not I agree.

What I’m trying to say is, I get it. We are different. We think different. We believe different. We live different. We want different. We vote different.

But this year is different.

This year I don’t get it. How can we all be looking at and listening to the same man day after day and not come to the same conclusion?

I refuse to support a man who says he can grab women by the pussy because he is famous. I refuse to vote for a man who calls veterans (like my grandfathers) losers. I will not vote for a man who joked that he’d like to have sex with his daughter. I cannot vote for someone who tells racist organizations to stand by. And I would never vote for a man who tweets bullying remarks like an unhinged middle schooler.

My children behave in a more presidential manner than Donald Trump.

So this year, I am not voting for Joe Biden because he’s perfect. I’m voting for him because he’s human. He has a heart. He has humility and grace. And he listens.

For me, Biden represents the love we all need so desperately right now to heal our nation and get back on track.

I am voting for love.

P.S. If Donald Trump was any other guy on earth and you met him at a party, don’t tell me you wouldn’t walk away saying, “What a dick.”

(That wasn’t a very loving way for me to end this post but what can I say. I’m only human.)

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