I Accept.

As 2020 comes to a slow, drawn-out, nail-biting end, I can’t help but reflect.

It hasn’t been easy. Not for anyone. 2020 brought much chaos and doubt and fear and uncertainty into all of our lives. Even my Aunt Mary was a little rattled—and she doesn’t have a pessimistic bone in her body.

For us, in our house, 2020 was really hard. To be honest, I get a tear in my eye just typing out that sentence.

I can relate to so many people who’ve classified the pandemic as a blessing because it brought families together. Forced us to spend more quality time with each other. Made us slow down and live more simply. Agreed.

But while 2020 brought us together as smaller, tighter units, it also played games with us individually—each one of us in different ways. While we were spending all of that quality time together, as we were slowing down and living more simply, everyone was embarking on a different, personal journey. Dealing with new, often unwanted, emotions and challenges.

Under the same roof, some became anxious while others felt depressed. Some rebelled. Others shut down. Some grew. Others shrank. We glommed on to new habits in order to cope with the unknown. Obsessed with the news. Online shopping. White Claws. TikTok. Netflix. Exercise. CBD. Zoom. And most recently, the countdown to a new year.

The pressure is on for the new year. I don’t know a single living soul who hasn’t voiced his or her joyous anticipation for the coming of 2021. But the more I look forward to it (it’s only 6 days away!), the more I question it’s power. What does January 1, 2021 have that December 26, 2020 doesn’t?


(And now for my immense words of wisdom.)

Jason and I have recently introduced a new tradition into our mornings. Meditation. Anyone who knows us should be laughing right now. We aren’t exactly known in our circle of friends as the “calm & centered” ones. We’re more the “lunatic” ones. But now we’re the lunatics who meditate.

And guess what? This practice that’s been around since 5,000 BC? There’s something to it.

Today my meditation word was acceptance. I accept.

I’m not waiting for the new year to welcome change in my life. I don’t care if it’s 2020, 2021 or 2056. The year makes no difference. It’s the day that matters most. And luckily, we get a new one every 24 hours.

So, I accept what is happening now. And I accept that (good or bad) it will be different tomorrow.

A C C E P T.