I Can’t Homework

You have 54 yellow, blue and red crayons.
There are twice as many blue crayons as red crayons.
How many yellow crayons do you have?

I know 7-year-old Nicole would have been able to solve this. She always crushed it in school. Straight A’s every year. But 42-year-old Nicole has forgotten everything. There’s so little activity happening in my brain these days, I’m just thrilled to be writing this post.

When my kids come to me with math problems, I panic. My mind turns to mush. It’s everything in me not to explode with, “Alexa! How many yellow crayons do I have? How many yellow crayons?!!”

So last night when Annie Bea asked for help with her writing homework, I breathed a sigh of relief. I mean it’s writing. It’s what I do. Like for a living. I get paid to write. This is not a big deal.

“Mom, I have to write sentences using words with prefixes. What are they?”

How cute. I got this.

“Ok, so prefixes are the little pieces of words you attach to the beginning of other words. Like subsidiary and preauthorize.”

Then I stopped. I couldn’t think of another word with a prefix. Nothing. Not one.

Subsidiary and preauthorize. That was it. The writer of words has no more words. No more prefixes. Go on and write your sentences, kid.

“I work for a subsidiary of a large conglomerate in South America. Only my boss has the power to preauthorize this transaction.”