A Bag of Rocks

We woke up this morning to a large tear in our pool liner. About 8 inches of the water had drained out and it was time to act before we had a total disaster.

The pool guy came by and had some really great advice to share with us.

Pool Guy: Well, I don’t do this sort of thing. What you can do is call a diver who swims down there and patches the hole. But you gotta do it fast because if you lose any more water, the pressure will rise and the entire liner will lift.

Just the IDEA of replacing the pool liner was causing me to tear up. Jason saw my eyes and immediately got on the horn to contact a diver.

Guess what? No divers. Probably another “because of COVID” thing.

So the pool guy came up with an alternative solution.

Pool Guy: Yeah, there’s another way to fix this. Probably only cost you 15 bucks or so.

Jason: We’ll take it!

Pool Guy: Well, you buy a pool liner repair kit and you go down there and patch it yourself. You just put on a backpack full of rocks so you don’t keep floating up while you patch it.

A backpack full of rocks. (one more time to let it sink in—sorry for the pun) A backpack full of rocks.

I texted some friends and let them know this was a professional recommendation so when Jason drowned wearing a 30-pound stuffed Jansport, the authorities had a reference for why I shouldn’t be placed under arrest.

Anyway, 20 minutes after this insane recommendation, Jason was wearing a backpack full of rocks, a pair of goggles and diving down into the pool with a liner repair kit.

I recorded it. 50% for entertainment value. 50% for proof that he did this willingly.

And he survived. The pool is holding water.

So, if you’re wondering what Jason is willing to risk his life for, now you know. A pool liner.