Back-to-School Night

Tonight I got to meet Annie Bea’s new teacher face-to-face (from the nose up). 😷

22 masked parents gathered on tiny chairs to listen to snack protocols, classroom rules and birthday celebration guidelines. Same stuff. Different year.

The teacher was a rockstar. The parents were funny. The classroom was adorable.

But what I loved most about tonight was reading Annie’s “Hopes and Dreams” essay. While a lot of kids had big academic hopes or athletic dreams for 3rd grade, Annie Bea is looking for something a bit simpler. She’s got her fingers crossed for the most important thing on earth—friends.

I read her essay and my heart exploded. I get it. Every word. And I’m so crazy proud of her. I couldn’t have picked a better goal if I tried.

P.S. Annie Bea, if you’re reading this, scroll down below the essay for some photographic proof that you’re already achieving your goal.