Goodbye, Miami

Over the last 6 months, we’ve made our way north from Miami to Mahwah. What a trip.

As I look back, I’m sort of amazed that I survived. I’m even shocked that I’m married. And I am flabbergasted that we all sorta still like each other.

I can honestly say that my kids are rockstars. Mick Jagger has zilch on Grady and Annie Bea. They left their house, their friends and every inch of their comfort zone to live (temporarily) in Albany, NY before finally landing in New Jersey. They have embraced TWO new schools in a matter of six months—both times making friends without hesitation. They have missed toys that were in storage and accepted toys that were broken in the move. They have listened to their mother have total meltdown panic attacks in a ridiculously cut-throat real estate market and finished those days with a “Mom, do you need a hug?”

But here we are. We landed in the house we first saw and fell in love with (after a total of 118 houses) but ultimately lost. And then got a second chance at. And then lost again. And then got a third chance at. And lost yet again. But then finally won! (After almost losing again.)

We won. It was The Hunger Games and we won. Somehow, by the grace of God we moved into a neighborhood filled with kids, trees and character. (All this charm and appreciation will likely wear off when the first snow comes and we have to shovel a mile down the driveway.)

But I have to say a formal goodbye to Miami. It’s taken me a while to get here but here I am.

Goodbye, Miami.
Goodbye, for now.
Because we all know I’m ~20 years from moving back (give or take the arthritis).

I want to thank Miami for a few things in particular:
1. My job. I love my job and my job-people. (And thank you COVID for the remote-work thing because I still get to work with them.)
2. My friends. There are a few extra close ones in particular (you know who you are) and I love you because when my family was far-far away, you were (and still are) my family.
3. My house. I know most people will roll their eyes here but that house taught me lots of lessons. I love that house for the thing it wanted to be and for the thing it almost was.
4. Late-night parents. I miss them a lot. Miami has a “Let’s put the kids to bed and party!” mindset. That made sense to me. I miss it. I will find it in New Jersey. If you’re reading this and you live within a 30-mile radius of NYC, please contact me.

Miami was good to us for 7 years. Mahwah, NJ, it’s your turn. Show us what you got!