9 years and 4 days ago

It was June 10th, 2013. I was sitting in a hospital bed, cradling my little Annie Bea wondering who I had to screw for a witch-hazel pad and a one of those squirty vaginal-cleansing bottles.

Annie Bea was soft and squirmy and persistent. Much like she is now as a 9-year-old girl.

Little did I know she would turn into my bestest bud ever.

Just a few things I love about Annie:
– happy beyond your wildest imagination
– positive, optimistic, radiating sunshine
– up for adventure (you should have seen her on a recent 3-hour train expedition from JFK to Mahwah—all smiles and literal giggles for the full 3 hours)
– party planning all day every day
– comfortable with failure (because she believes it will be ok—and she’s right—what a gift)
– willingness to bend—even thought she might cry herself to sleep, Annie is willing to take a disappointment and bend her plans for whatever is best for someone else

I love you, Annie Bea. If I could whisper in God’s ear all the things I’d want in a daughter, He’d give me you. No doubt.